We Had an Engagment Party!

I’m really excited to be getting married in Rhode Island — it’s where my grandmother was born, and it’s where almost all of Andrew’s family lives. Unfortunately, getting married there means a lot of family and friends who live in California won’t be able to make it due to the flight, hotel, time it’ll take to get there and be there, etc. I knew that would happen, so I asked my parents to plan an engagement party in California so that I could celebrate with people I wish I could celebrate on the wedding day.

It’s so crazy that it’s already happened. When I was planning it almost a year ago, I felt like it was an eternity away — and now, there are only 80 days left until we get married. Where’s the time going?! Anyway, my parents did an amazing job setting up for it. I was able to catch up with people I haven’t seen in years and it was so much fun to see their wonderful faces and hear about how their lives are going and catch them up on how ours is going. For Andrew, it was the first time he met a lot of these people — people who’d been incredibly important in helping me get through high school and college, so it was a special event.

To make it even more special, Andrew’s family flew out to be there as well, and they were also able to meet the important people in my life, which was lovely.  I feel so grateful to our families and friends for making the effort to be with us and celebrate the next step we’re taking in our lives. I have very rarely felt so loved and supported by so many people, and it is such a gift that I have so many people in my life who are willing to pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time making sure that I’m happy and have what I need and want. More importantly, they see that Andrew is important to me and make the effort to get to know him and make sure that he is happy as well. I love how our relationship is bringing these families and people together to make new friendships create this bigger loving environment. It’s all so wonderful.

I’m tired from all the traveling and socializing, and I feel behind in my work this week, because I took Monday off for spending time with my family, but it’s all been so worth it. I hope everyone knows how grateful Andrew and I are for everything they’ve done and are doing for us just to make sure that we’re happy and have a good start on our marriage together. The world can be a lovely place sometimes, and I’m glad that the people in my lives are making it even better.