We Made: Dijon Roasted Chicken

A few months ago, Andrew and I decided to make the plunge and commit to a wine club; we joined ClubW (now Winc), the online wine club loved and frequently recommended by one of our favorite YouTubers, Hannah Hart. When we were going through our latest shipment, we were taking a look at the chardonnay Winc promised that we’d love.

Usually, Andrew and I do NOT like chardonnay, but when seeing that it was recommended to us, we were intrigued. What could possibly be different about this chardonnay? Really, it’s the oak that gets to us. We’ve often said before that if we could find a non-oak aged chardonnay, we’d probably love it. What got us on the description was that it said it had hints of “butterscotch” in it, and while it didn’t say it wasn’t oaky, it didn’t say it was either, so we took a chance.

Winc is great, because they send you flavor profile cards for each wine you order, online with matching recipes. On the back of the tasting profile for Wayward Co. Chardonnay, there was a very simple-seeming, delicious looking recipe for Dijon Roasted Chicken that was supposed to pair well with the wine. We made a plan for making the chicken on Saturday and finally drinking the wine with a paired recipe.

It really was very simple to make — like something I could have done myself and not even needed Andrew for his cooking prowess. Though, I’m glad he was there, because I’m not sure I would have held up well to unwrapping the chicken and rinsing it off. We have food preparation gloves so we don’t have to actually touch meat, but blech. Anyway, we just got the chicken ready, rubbed some mustard on it, rubbed some vegetable oil on it, popped it in the oven for an hour or so, and voila! Delicious, delicious chicken.


The outside looks dry in this picture, but what the mustard did was create a super flavorful crust on it that was incredible. The inside was perfectly moist and delicious (and we put a little dijon mustard dipping sauce for the dryer bits). Also, the wine totally went with the recipe! It was a great Saturday lunch and I’m so glad we’re taking advantage of this wine club thing the way we’re supposed to.

I love this part of marriage, where we get to plan something together and share what’s actually very simple: enjoying a meal with a glass  of wine. But, with Andrew, it becomes something special. Planning the meal, helping to cook the meal, working together to gather the ingredients and get the recipe right, double-checking with each other to see if the recipe makes sense and will turn out correctly. Or even just talking about how delicious the food is, and how the flavor goes with the wine and why it might work. I never used to want to get married, but now that I am, all I can be is grateful that this man is in my life and we get to share our meals and join wine clubs and plan out weekends like the one we just had.

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