#WeAreHuman Riveted Readathon

After the Pokemon Go Readathon, Andrew and I have discovered that we LOVE readathons. An excuse to sit around all day, curled up with book after book? Yes, please! Add in the social element that readathons give us, and we are so in.


Right now, Riveted is hosting a Readathon that:

  1. Is focused on giving money to the It Gets Better Project
  2. Gives you access to FREE FULL-LENGTH books that you can read during the readathon, given you have a Riveted account (which is also free).
  3. Rewards the charity for more people reading. If they hit 5,000 reads by 11/11, they’ll donate more money to It Gets Better

Readers, what more can you ask for? Let’s take advantage of this!

Right now, I’m burning through Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld, and am enjoying every minute of it. I’d love to hear how everyone else is doing with their books.

Join the Readathon!


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