Alton Brown Adventures: Alton Brown Live!

While I hate the winter weather, it is wonderful to live in a city that actually has interesting things to do and is a draw for entertainers, celebrities, authors, plays, etc. When we found out that Alton Brown would be hosting a live show at the Cadillac Palace Theatre, we just had to buy tickets.

As mentioned Wednesday, we had a lovely (and filling!) brunch before the show, and then walked over to the theatre. While they didn’t allow photography during the show, I do have some beautiful pictures of the theatre that I took while we were waiting.

Sitting in the theatre
Sitting in the theatre


Alton Brown Live!

The show itself was wonderful — a great mix of cooking/food humor and actual cooking and some science explanations as to how cooking works the way it works. We think that the first non-science portion went on a bit too long — as always, he’s at his best when describing the science behind food. We especially liked the part of the show where he had an audience member spin a wheel to see what sort of cocktail she was going to get (Vodka + Campari + Cough syrup. Blech!), and then see how Alton Brown tried to fix it so that it would be somewhat drinkable. Very fun. I think it was just the right length for it to feel as though we got our money’s worth but have it still be enjoyable, and we loved the random musical performances throughout the show.

A nice thing he did at the end was answer audience questions that were asked through Twitter. Our question didn’t get packed 😦 but it was a fun way to try to include people and make sure we got what we wanted to see. I would definitely consider going to see him again if he decided to do another live show.



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