Places We Like: Bub City (Chicago)

Bub City
435 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60654

We went to Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science on Saturday and needed a place to eat brunch and hang out beforehand, so we looked up some brunch places in the area and picked Bub City — Andrew was craving some chicken and waffles, and Bub City is a barbecue place, so we figured they’d do a good job with it.

Saturday was ridiculously windy, which we didn’t realize until after we left our place (of course), so our plan to drink a coffee and stroll down the river walk before brunch was changed to just heading straight to brunch and see if they’d take us early. We had 11:30 reservations, but the took us at a little before 11, no problem. Very nice of them, and we appreciated being able to get out of the wind.

Our waiter was incredibly nice and very helpful — he gave us recommendations for what were favorites on the brunch menu, and explained the Bloody Mary bar to us. It sounded amazing, and if you like Bloody Mary’s, I could imagine it being the big draw, but neither Andrew nor I enjoy Bloody Mary’s at all, so we went with a pomegranate margarita (me) and a sweet tea vodka drink (Andrew) to start off our breakfast.

As per usual, Andrew and I were planning to share our breakfasts, so we ordered the chicken and waffles and Brisket Benedict, which was a recommendation from the waiter. And let me tell you, both dishes were SO good. Putting brisket on biscuits over sausage gravy and under a fried egg is beyond genius and one of the best brunch foods I’ve ever had. The chicken and waffles were equally amazing (they serve it with butter, sausage gravy and a jalapeno honey on the side). I drenched one side of my portion with honey and then ate the other side with just butter, and both ways were delicious, though I really appreciated the honey and kind of want to find out how to make my own.

Chicken and Waffles
Almost-eaten Brisket Benedict

Of course, with the weather being so bad (and me being a little sick), our plans to walk around Chicago before our show at 2 PM were ruined a bit, so we were able to hang out and take our time. We got a second round of drinks. I got a Crispin Cider (yum!) and Andrew got the house beer, which is a lager. Andrew thought it was pretty good and though he’s not a huge fan of lagers, it was one of the more drinkable lagers he’s had in quite some time.

We had a good time listening to country music and watching sports, and definitely plan to make a trip back for their dinner menu, because if that brisket is any indication of their barbecue, their dinner menu is probably delicious.

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