Alton Brown Adventures: Leek Potato Soup


I found an “ultimate” potato soup recipe online, and while it was good, it called for a pound of bacon. When I first made it, Andrew was still a vegetarian, and even with some substitutes, it didn’t quite work out. So, we were in the market for a more flavorful potato soup that had no need for a pound of fatty meat. Of course, we turned to Alton Brown to solve our problem, and we found it: Leek Potato Soup.

Honestly, I feel like the hardest part of this soup for us was doing the shopping for it — none of us had actually ever seen a leek before. Ha. We’re babies. Sorry. We had to Google a picture of it to actually find it in the store. Oops. But, we found it! And now, we’ve cooked with it, and it was delicious.

Letting that soup simmer!


Leek potato soup is one of my favorite winter meals. It’s warm, filling, and just tastes so earthy and delicious. Best of all, it’s really easy to make. (We like soups exactly because we’re able to throw a bunch of stuff in a pot, let it simmer for a while, and then have a fully cooked meal out of it.) Every day I ate this in the cold, Chicago winter, it warmed my soul.

Oh, yeah. Delicious.

Like we said, soup is usually pretty simple to make, and this is no different. (Although, we highly recommend getting an immersion blender for it if you don’t already have one. It makes everything so much easier.) This was delicious and such a treat to look forward to every day. Highly recommend.

Sound good? Find the recipe on Alton Brown’s Food Network page!


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