Alton Brown Adventures: Instant Hot Cocoa

This was very much a spontaneous undertaking late one night when we both wanted hot chocolate. I was browsing Twitter when I saw Alton’s tweet about his homemade hot cocoa mix recipe. I looked at Andrew, told him about it, and then we both paused for a second, just looking at each other. “What does it call for?” he asked. I listed the ingredients and, luckily, we had everything and went for it.

We were scared to see how much the recipe made at first — how in the world were we going to finish that much hot cocoa mix? We don’t even drink hot cocoa all that much. “Well, at least it’ll keep for a year,” Andrew said as we put away the canister.

The recipe makes delicious hot chocolate. As long as you get your proportion of mix and water right, it’s truly the best instant hot cocoa I’ve ever had. We usually add a little bit more mix than is called for in the recipe, and we added more than a pinch of cayenne pepper. It’s really up to you to play around with it and see what’s right for your tastebuds. All we can say is that it’s only been a couple of months since we made it, and our stash of mix is almost completely empty.

We added mini marshmallows to our treat the second time we drank it! 🙂

Want to try it yourself? Here’s Alton Brown’s recipe for it!


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