Alton Brown Adventures: The Beginning


If you know me and Andrew, you know that we love cooking. Most of our Facebook status updates these days are of food that we’ve made. Usually, after we make food, we sit down to eat it while watching a show, and for a while, that show was Good Eats, hosted by Alton Brown.Alton-Brown-Guacamole

What really got us was his show on cocktails, where literally after every recipe he brought up we looked at each other and said, “We have to make that sometime.” The more we watched, the more we wanted to cook the delicious-sounding recipes he continuously depicted in his shows. Pickles? Absolutely. Homemade Granola bars? Yes. We want it. Soup? GOD, YES!

So here we are, Julie and Julia-ing our way through Alton Brown’s recipes, except hopefully with fewer mental breakdowns and dramatic craziness. We’re not giving ourselves a deadline or anything — we’re just out to discover and cook food that we’ll enjoy.

Join us on this culinary romp, and hopefully we can all learn a few things.

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