Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s really hard to keep up with everything going on in life, especially since I now have an actual life. I used to think that college and school were hard, but they didn’t really take up as much time as I thought they did. Now that I’m living with my fiancé, working a real-life full-time job that has responsibilities and occasional overtime, I realize how cushy school was. I don’t miss it by any means. I’m not that crazy (yet). Grad school cured me of missing school for a long while, I think. But it’s amazing to me how much I was able to be involved with while in school, whereas now, I’m lucky if I manage to make dinner and get all my chores done on a weekly basis.

With that said, I’ve been missing being involved with something that’s just for me. I always have reading, but I miss my book blogging days, where I was able to have actual conversations with people online about things I was interested about. It was fun. And while I don’t have as much time as I did back then, I’m going to start making time for it. It is, however, going to be a bit different.

I now have someone I can share pretty much anything and everything with, so while I did often have other people make posts on my blog, Andrew is very much going to be a part of this blogging activity, even if most of it is behind-the-scenes giving me advice about whether or not he likes my new background color or if that title makes sense. He’ll probably write a post or two. He also likes being involved in online communities.

This is very much a for-me activity. Last time, I was so worried about making my blog relevant and helping out publishers and authors getting the word out there. If I like whatever they’re trying to get press done about, I’ll happily do that, but I’m less concerned about doing that now. I just want to share my opinions. Which also means that this isn’t just going to be books, but everything else I love, like my cooking adventures with Andrew and my thoughts on the TV shows we watch, and stories from our travels and average life occurrences.

So, Happy Birthday to me! A new blog, and a new activity to squish into my already full schedule. It should be a lot of fun, though, and I’m excited.

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